Blue is the Color of the Fifth Chakra

Blue is the color of my dreams. Blue is one of the three primary colors in traditional color theory. It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. Blue is the color of the never ending sky and the notion of freedom above us. Blue is the color of my husband’s kind eyes. Blue (usually – turquoise or aquamarine) is also the color of the Fifth Chakra, known as the Throat Chakra. The Sanskrit name for the Throat Chakra is Vishudda, which means “pure” or “purification”.

The Throat Chakra is about the expression of yourself – your purpose in life, your truth and your creativity. It is associated with the ability to turn blueprints and ideas into reality and to communicate well – verbally and non-verbally, externally and internally, and to realize your calling.

Sometimes, because of its location, the Throat Chakra is perceived as the “bottleneck” of the movement of energy in the body, as it sits just before the upper chakras of the head. Taking care of your free expression will alleviate the pressure that this so-called “bottleneck” puts on your Heart Chakra, located just below!  It’s beneficial to sing (choose your favorites wisely!), to cry, (yes, it might sound odd, but crying, when you feel a ‘lump’ in your throat, is a form of purification; also drinking some water could make the throat feel better), to read out loud, to recite poems (even better if they are your own!), to chant, to make humming noises… When balanced, the Throat Chakra allows us to take responsibility for our actions, to be strong, courageous, and self confident. The clearing of the (blocked/obstructed) Throat Chakra is deeply rooted in letting go – and so it is essential to the Let It Go Yoga practice. It is an effective way to clear our issues. All sorts. Simply by acknowledging that there is an issue and not resisting it, just letting the issue be and allowing oneself to feel the issue… we allow the process of clearing the issues to be initiated. And then, just letting the issue go, while working through the sequence of yoga postures during the practice, helps the completion of that process.

Here are some affirmations that can also be helpful in honoring the Fifth Chakra : “I have a right to speak my truth”; “I live an authentic life”; “I have integrity”; “I express my gratitude”; “ I communicate with grace and ease”; ”I am clear and honest in my communication”; “I am at peace”; “ I listen to my body to see what my truth is”; “ I honor my truth”… As usual, use these and add your own to make the Fifth Chakra resonate.

The use of blue gems- sapphire, blue topaz, lapis lazuli, aquamarine, and turquoise – is also helpful in balancing and celebrating this Chakra. Some other suggestions: listen to Joni Mitchell’s “Blue” album, read Mary Oliver’s poetry from the “Blue Horses” book, admire Picasso’s blue period paintings, or be awed by the importance of blue color in the works of Matisse, Chagall, Kandinsky, Roerich (Rerikh)… Or just look up online other artists’ “blue inspiration marvels” – there are so many of them – it is mind blowing! And in addition to the aforementioned suggestions, gather the courage to express yourself – sing, practice Let It Go Yoga, write, paint, and… above all… speak your truth!

Contributed by Indra Strong, A certified Let It Go Yoga Instructor

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  1. Nisahna February 4, 2018 at 7:14 pm - Reply

    Thank you! I’m just surfacing again from the events that changed our community. I’m ready to breathe in deeply and affirm divine blessings. My prayers continue to rise into the blue for all of us. Divine friendship, nisahna

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