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If you haven’t tried a green smoothie I highly suggest it. If you are new to adding greens to your drinks,  spinach is the tastiest way to start. Actually you can hardly taste it and it gives you many nutrients and vitamins in a satisfying shake. You can work your way up to heavier greens like Kale. This morning I filled my blender with frozen pineapple, a banana, two handfuls of spinach and almond milk.
In minutes I had a delicious, healthy treat that keeps me satisfied for hours.
If you are really adventurous you can make your own almond milk, giving your smoothie some healthy fat and a little protein. To make almond milk you will need “nut bag” or cheese cloth to strain the nuts. See the recipe below.
Here’s my Almond Milk and Green Smoothie recipe that even the kids will like. You can play with the ingredients but for kids the banana is a must!

Almond Milk

1 cup soaked almonds – I soak overnight in a mason jar, drain and rinse
3 cups pure filtered water
3 dates (soaked if they are very dry) dates are optional for added sweetness
1 teaspoon vanilla
Blend all of the ingredients on high until well blended. Pure into nut bag or cheesecloth  and squeeze over an empty container until all the liquid is drained.
This makes about 4 cups of milk

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Green Smoothie

1 cup almond milk
1 banana
1 cup frozen strawberries or other frozen fruit
1 large handfull of raw organic spinach
Small amounts of water if needed to blend to your desired consistency.
Optional: Add sweetener to taste. A drop of Stevia, dates or the left over juice from soaking the dates, or 1/2 teaspoon of Raw Agave or Honey.

Blend on high for about a minute.

Hope you enjoy! When you drink your smoothie, it is recommended to hold the liquid in your mouth for 10 or 20 seconds so that your digestive enzymes in your mouth activate and help you digest all the nutrients.

Think of a green smoothie as a way to love yourself. When you are adding healthy foods you can “go wild” rather than feeling deprived and you will feel nurtured and good about choosing your health.
You can use the almond meal that is left in the nut-milk bag to make great muffins and bread. You can order a Nut-Milk Bag on Amazon. Here’s one for $4.99. They also are sold at Whole Foods.

Happy New You!


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