Keeping Your Living Space Uncluttered

Good Feng Shui is the healthy and unobstructed flow of energy in the environment, affecting your health, livelihood, relationships and opportunities positively. A cluttered environment does not allow for the healthy flow of energy to exist, and is one of the important considerations when creating good Feng Shui.

When I walk into a living space and see that it is unorganized and cluttered, I know that there is something out of balance in the person’s life, and that the clutter and disarray is contributing to that imbalance.

Clutter is stagnant, congested, unprocessed and depressed energy that effectively drains your energy, to the point of eventually becoming debilitating. It also negatively impacts, or completely blocks the flow of energy in the events of your life.  One can go along for quite sometime thinking that clutter has nothing to do with why life is tiring and full of obstacles, but the radical transformation that is experienced once the clutter is gone, is undeniable. The outside world reflects it by suddenly bringing you the opportunities you desire and the new found energy to accomplish them by.

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In order to get a feel for the clutter in your environment, start by looking at each room, cupboard, closet, desk top objectively, paying close attention to the feeling you have when you look at what is in front of you.  Is it overwhelming?  Do you feel agitated and confused? This is what is affecting you subconsciously every time you walk into the room, open your cupboard or closet, or sit down at your desk.

De-cluttering becomes very exciting once you realize this.

It can at times be challenging to de-clutter on your own given the attachment you may feel to certain things, such as clothing you think one day you will wear, or a broken appliance you’ve been hoping to fix but haven’t, or magazines and newspapers that aren’t being read because they are no longer relevant or are lost under a bunch of other stuff.

Sometimes it helps to employ someone to walk you through the process, someone who doesn’t have the same attachment to your clutter as you do and can see things with fresh eyes.  Keep in mind, de-cluttering can be a very emotional process as things get stirred up and you get out of your comfort zone.  The process however will reveal how your clutter has been holding you back, but in the end you will feel exhilarated because you are creating fresh new pathways for vibrant energy to flow into your home, allowing you to live your life more fully.

 Contributed by Deanna Cohen

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  1. Francine Kirsch August 1, 2017 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    Thank you Deanna for this blog!
    I am in the process of decluttering our house and in need of encouragement , feeling overwhelmed about it!
    I realize that I do need help and asked a friend to help me today! (after reading your blog yesterday on Facebook )

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