Magical Sanskrit

The Sanskrit language is sometimes called a “Magic Language” or the “Science of Sound.” Sanskrit has a sound vibration and a rhythm that is said to awaken and transform. It is known to be the oldest language on earth and dates back 3000 to 5000 years. The word “Sanskrit” means “Refined” or “Perfect.” Linguists have identified approximately 54 basic vibrations and say that all other languages have emerged from these sound patterns!

You do not need to learn an ancient language in order to receive the benefits of yoga, but many Sanskrit terms express yoga philosophy in ways that are not available in English. We hope you will enjoy knowing a little about this beautiful language that originated in India and is part of the yogic tradition.

Let’s take a look at our list!


AHIMSA        Non-violence.

ASANA           Posture. The third limb of yoga.

CHAKRA       Energy or consciousness center in spine along sushmna nadi.

CHITTA         Mind chatter.

HATHA          Sun and moon energies. (ha=sun tha=moon)

JNANA          Yoga of wisdom

KARMA         Action. law of action and reaction. Yoga of selfless

MANTRA      Word or words of power. powerful sound, powerful incantation.

MUDRA        Gesture, or symbolic gesture or position which aid.

NAMASTE    Salutations, a greeting containing honor and respect.



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