The Healing Fire of Meditation

On Thursday evenings, we have been gathering at Let It Go Yoga for a fireside flow of meditation, music, and energy medicine!

Meditation, quite simply, is the great medicine of our time! In times of stress we need sanctuary. Meditation offers us an inner opportunity to enter into an ocean of peace, to experience the stillness through which we can access our deepest Self and talents. Sages say that even the wind moves by the power of meditation. Through it, everything is accomplished!
Like preparation for sleep, you can prepare for meditation. But it will come on its own. Meditation will teach you meditation. Deep absorption in the Supreme Self heals the heart and the body in so many ways. In our experience of the inner radiant dark, the spark of photons is always there! We are filled with light. Deep meditation offers us an experience of a continuum of energy and consciousness that is understood in various mystical and scientific ways depending on your approach.
The effects of meditation are noticeable. The brain relaxes and we drop into the 50,000 femtotesla field of the heart magnetics. The brain vibrates at 10 femtoteslas, relatively speaking, a 5000 to 1 ratio! It’s a no-brainer! The intuitive awareness of the heart is a speed of light system of processing. Brain “thinking” can’t compete! Our breathing slows down, the galvanic response of our skin improves, and the bird of the mind takes to its nest! We FEEL better, invariably, if not immediately, or later in the day! The healing fire of meditation will burn up karma and suppressed and challenging issues arising from the depths. Even if it’s for five minutes a day, a regular meditation practice will transform your life! And It’s very good to meditate with others, especially those who do it often!
Contributed by Sudama Mark Kennedy,
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  1. Deanna Cohen February 1, 2017 at 10:21 am - Reply

    This is so beautiful Sue Anne! I love what Sudama writes here about meditation. Makes me want to read it each time before I come, to be reminded. And such a beautiful picture of Sudama.
    Your website is lovely! I am on it because I am looking for your cake recipes… I want to make one!

    The pictures on the site are so full of light. Haven’t read much yet, but I will.


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