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from our Let It Go Yoga Teacher Certification graduates:


“It was a very safe, comfortable and authentic experience. I learned the “Let It Go” practice in detail and feel excited to share it with others.”

Barbara Won


“The environment that Sue Anne & Jim cultivate for these trainings is the best and most positive place I have ever been in. I love them so much and will be coming back here to take all the trainings and classes they offer. They’re the best. I now feel confident that I can go out there and offer a variety of classes in many different areas. Each training has been a wonderful addition to my life.

Molly Pennette



“The Parsons Family Let It Go Yoga Teacher Training experience has expanded my interest in yoga from a personal gain level to a confident instructor. It provided all the knowledge and tools needed to bring yoga to the people in a professional way.”

Todd Lincoln


“I love Sue Anne and Jim’s style of teaching. They create a very safe, growing experience and I love their realness.”

Mary Lincoln



“The training added positively to my life and in turn gave me the capacity to benefit other people”.

Nancy Roman



“Sue Anne and Jim provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for learning the basics of teaching yoga. Historical foundations, physical practice and understanding, practical teaching with important safety considerations with adjustments combine to make this an incredibly worth while investment of time and energy. That will pay off whether you share it as a teacher or use it to enjoy a deeper personal practice.”

Tracy Schmidt


“Highly Recommended! You learn not only about yoga and everything you need to be a teacher but more importantly – you learn about yourself. The energy of the group and the dynamics of each class was outstanding. I always felt revitalized after. I especially appreciate the gentle guidance of our teachers.”

Eric Kirsch



AMAZING! The atmosphere of the training couldn’t have been more perfect. It was an environment in which I was comfortable to truly “Let It Go” and not to be embarrassed in case I made a mistake. I learned so much from not only Sue Anne and Jim, but from each of the students as well. You won’t get a better training anywhere else! Jim and Sue Anne truly care for their students and for all the people their students will eventually teach. They make sure you have an understanding of the practice and give you individual attention you need. There is a lot of hands on practice, which is the best way to learn. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”

Jessie Newell



“It’s amazes me that such a seemingly simple practice could have such a profound affect upon my life. The ability to let go of some elements of life allows others to come in.”

Sue Hillyard


“ I feel it’s best to describe this experience as blissful! I am at peace and calmness which we all need in our daily life. I already see a change in my attitude and how I am learning to handle certain situations better than before. Let It go Yoga has helped me to center all aspects of life. This is truly a gift.”

Dana Martin


“Intense, powerful, fulfilling, enlightening!”

Bonnie Lewis



‘Yoga teacher training has changed my life forever! It has been challenging but I am now aware I can make things better for myself by keeping my mind and body in shape! I would do it all over again. I just feel like never leaving. If I instill that same feeling in any of my students I will have succeeded.”

Margarita G Martin del Campo


“This has been a journey. I came into this training knowing plenty about postures and union and healing but this really opened my eyes to the emotional upwelling that cleaning up your life through yoga philosophy can trigger. It also opened me up to other peoples experiences, struggles and gains though yoga. I loved the personal connections, the confidence I found, the pace and the hands on adjustments.”

Kiran Aulakh


“Sue Anne and Jim Parsons yoga teacher training courses are comprehensive, focused and well organized, I learned so much in one course and plan to attend more. They are wonderful teachers.”

Marcia Meier


“It had been a profound growing experience and huge impact on our life, slowly transforming ourselves into yoga teachers and making our lives better. Your belief in us and sharing your knowledge in a friendly and unassuming way is what kept us going.”

Eric and Francine Kirsch