Red – The Color of the First Chakra

Ask a very young child: “What is your favorite color?”
The answer (in many cases) will likely be: “Red!”
(And in couple short years, most likely, the cultural stereotypes would have started dictating the preferences of these toddlers – pink for girls and blue for boys, right? But since I was writing about the red, I shall keep going…)

Babies can tell the difference between light and dark in the womb. The scientists believe that at birth babies can see shapes by following the lines where light and dark meet. Yet, it takes several weeks (after being born) before they can see their first primary color – red. Red is perceived as the color of passion and love, and energy. In my understanding it makes perfect sense that it is the color of the First or Root Chakra, also called Muladhara Chakra. It is located at the base of the spine, and is the first of the Seven Chakras. The Sanskrit name ”muladhara” can signify “base”, “root support”, “foundation”. It is associated with family, safety, security, survival, basic needs (food, sleep, shelter etc), support and foundation, community and belonging. This Chakra provides the foundation on which we build our lives. When balanced, it allows us to grow, explore and feel safe. So, no wonder many younglings consider that First Chakra red to be their favorite color!


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Prompted by Mother Nature, September is the perfect time to work on the Root chakra – the abundance of vegetables and fruit, the changing of the color of the foliage help with that! Have you noticed that even here – in our evergreen Santa Barbara – the Sweetgum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) look spectacular right now – some of their leaves have already turned brilliant shades of red!

Here are a plethora of ideas for different activities to support, energize and balance the First Chakra: wearing red clothing, getting a foot massage, coloring/painting with red crayons and paints, knitting with red yarn, stamping your feet, walking bare foot, eating red foods (beets, apples etc.), raking leaves, carrying red colored stones and crystals with you, eating root vegetables, gardening, sleeping, playing with children… Also keep in mind that practicing Let It Go Yoga yoga postures (like, knee-to-chest pose, and others) help our feet, legs and our core gain strength – all in direct support of our Root Chakra. The affirmations for the First Chakra are: ”I am safe and secure in this moment”, “I am safe”, “My home is safe and secure”, “I claim good health”, “I claim a healthy body”, “I am anchored and supported by Mother Earth”, “My safety needs are always taken care of”… and keep going – create your own ones!

Let’s be safe and secure in this ever changing world! And let’s spread the light and peace, and the feeling of community and belonging! And let’s start with ourselves.

Contributed by Indra Strong, Certified Let It Go Yoga Teacher since 2001

Photo Credit: Indra Strong

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