Yoga Is Weird

Isn’t it weird to sit on the floor and chant Om? Or to stand on your head or stretch in all those weird ways? Then there’s the incense that makes you sneeze and those weird cleansing things like pouring water through your nostrils, dry brushing your skin, moving your stomach around in weird ways and scraping your tongue. How weird is all that?

My answer is YES!! Yoga is weird and isn’t that wonderful!! Really, that’s the best part. To do new things does feel weird at first. But that’s what makes it fun. It’s an adventure! I have done a lot of eye rolling in yoga class (actually that’s another weird technique where you can exercise your eyes!) and I’ve tried these things anyway and guess what…they were weird.

And they worked!!

It’s been windy here lately, so I pulled out my neti pot to relieve my sinuses. What’s a neti pot? It’s a cute little pot that looks like a tea pot or Aladdin’s lamp. To cleanse your nostrils with a neti pot can help with a variety of sinus issues. It’s a simple technique of running warm salt water through one nostril and letting it drain out the other. Some yogi’s have a daily practice and believe that using the neti pot has great health benefits. If you want to breathe better…try it! You can purchase a neti pot online and there are several recipes for making the saline solution. Most emphasize using sea salt and distilled water.

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I also use a tongue scraper. It is amazing! It works way better than brushing your tongue with a toothbrush. I bought mine in the 80’s and it’s still like new. Paying attention to the coating of your tongue can help you know when it’s time to detox. Tongue scraping helps remove bacteria and that helps to keep your teeth, gums and oral cavity healthy.

Dry brushing is also a technique that’s rather addictive. If feels so good to brush your skin and create circulation and exfoliation. It also stimulates the Lymphatic system which helps your system to detox naturally. When purchasing, select a natural bristle brush with a long handle so that you can reach your back. The bristles need to be firm but not stiff. It is suggested that you do this for about 10  minutes before your morning shower but you can do it anytime of day. It can be invigorating though, so I don’t recommend doing it at bedtime.  The method is to brush your skin staring with the soles of your feet and brush upward until you reach the top of your head. I do not do my face. As you brush remember to brush upward and always toward the heart to increase circulation. Always go lightly, just enough to leave you feeling energized.

There are so many weird and wonderful yogic practices. Next time I will talk about Nauli, the one where you move your stomach around, and I’ll show you how to roll your eyes – in a good way!!


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