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Jim and Sue Anne Parsons

About Us

We hope that our yoga story will inspire all yoga lovers to follow their dreams and their inner guidance. Reflecting on our life as yogis we now realize that many synchronistic events occurred,  bringing us together and allowing us to teach Yoga to thousands of people. Our lives have been shaped by the principles of Let It Go yoga and we have proven to ourselves and many others that Let It Go Yoga works and that there is, indeed, magic that happens when you let go and allow life to unfold.

Sue Anne and Jim Parsons are master yoga teachers with over 30 years experience in teaching and training others. Sue Anne (eRYT-500) and Jim (eRYT-500) are registered with the Yoga Alliance as experienced teachers, and they are both Certified Yoga Therapists. Sue Anne is certified through International Association of Yoga Therapists.

In 1986, Sue Anne opened The Yoga Studio, the first commercial yoga center in Santa Barbara California. Sue Anne and Jim  met in 1989 and married that same year.  Since that time, together they have taught thousands of people how to relieve stress and free themselves from aches and pain through Let It Go Yoga.

Here’s what Sue Anne and Jim have to say about their yoga career and raising a family of yogis:

Throughout the many phases of our life together, yoga has helped us thrive and grow as individuals and as a family. When we married, Jim had two beautiful children, Janelle and Jeremy, and yoga helped us to connect and play together. We had fun bringing the kids to the studio, sharing yoga and developing a Kids Yoga class together. When Sue Anne became  pregnant with Lauren Sue Anne taught and developed Let It Go Yoga for Pregnancy.

When our twins Emily and Jessica were born, we discovered that our daughter Jessica was born with Down syndrome. We used yoga postures to help strengthen her from the time she was born.

We home schooled our kids and yoga was part of our daily curriculum. As a family project we produced “Yoga By Teens”, a DVD, where our three girls teach a 45 minute yoga class. This video is still being used as teaching tool in schools throughout the country.

Our girls are adults now but having been born into this family, it’s no wonder that our daughters Janelle, Lauren, Emily and Jessica  are all Certified Let It Go Yoga instructors, teaching yoga in Los Angeles, Pasadena and Santa Barbara.  Jessica is the first Certified Yoga Instructor with Down syndrome in the country and teaches her own classes through the Santa Barbara Parks and Recreation Adaptive PE program, bringing “Inclusive Yoga” to the community every week.

We are now in our 60s and, before we retire, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share our many years of experience through our new online courses.  Our yoga practice as well as our teaching has changed and grown over the years. As we continue to learn, we share wisdom that can only be gained through years of experience.

Our new online courses give us an opportunity to work with like minded people all over the world.

We feel very lucky to have had yoga and the ancient teachings of yoga influence our lives in such a positive way. Life has not always been easy but yoga has made it more fulfilling. Yoga brings awareness and whenever you add awareness everything gets better.

We invite you to join the Let It Go Yoga family, as we know that Let It Go Yoga will work for you, too!


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