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Introduction To Let It Go Yoga Online

Why Is This Let It Go Yoga Course So Awesome?

 • Let It Go Yoga is a series of poses that heal and transform and it is practiced lying down!

• It is easy to learn and will give you a personal yoga practice that you can do anywhere, anytime!

• Let It Go Yoga relieves physical pain and can be easily modified to suit your individual needs. You are in charge. With Let It Go Yoga you can adjust your practice to be as challenging or relaxing as you need that day. 

Your mind will become your greatest healing tool. You will learn to use your thoughts and feelings for “letting go” of tight muscles, tensions stored in the body and beliefs that no longer serve you!

• With this gentle practice you will feel better, become more flexible, have a great nights sleep, relieve back, neck and shoulder pain, breathe deeper and get in touch with your best teacher – YOU! 

Learn to Let It Go On and Off The Yoga Mat.

Sue Anne and Jim Parsons are very excited to share with you the amazing gift of Let It Go Yoga. Their Introduction to Let It Go Yoga Online is a 6 week self-study program, designed to give you a truly transformational experience. They will guide you step by step through the Let It Go Yoga series and share their most valuable teachings for letting go of stress and tension.

You Will Learn

• The transformational Let It Go Yoga practice.

• How to adjust the postures to benefit your individual needs.

• Meditations that will give you access to your body’s innate wisdom.

• How the Eight Limbs of Yoga can change your daily life.

• How to awaken your 7 Chakras.

• How to use yoga breathing to release stress.

• How to let go of judgements and love yourself more.

• A beautiful glossary of yoga terms in the magical language of Sanskrit.

Over The Six Weeks You Will Obtain

• More flexibility in body and mind.

• Proven techniques to receive information from your highest self.

• How to make positive lasting changes that will enhance your life.

• A personal yoga practice that will support you for years to come.

Plus You Will Receive

• Meditations and breathing techniques taught by Sue Anne & Jim.

• Downloadable materials that will assist you on your journey.

• Lifetime Access to the course and all future upgrades.

• The course will be sent to you once a week over a six week period.

AND…You will be invited to join our Let It Go Yoga students private Facebook group where you will have access to Sue Anne and Jim and can ask questions, get feedback and share your experience. Our Let It Go Yoga community members help and support each other and are a source of knowledge and inspiration.

Introduction To Let It Go Yoga Online Course Overview

Module 1

Creating Your Intention
and Laying the Groundwork

In the first module you will experience the Let It Go Yoga practice. Sue Anne and Jim will guide you step by step through the postures and your experience will be enhanced by Alan Roth’s beautiful Japanese Shakuhachi Flute music. Within this module you will also receive the best tips for practicing Let It Go Yoga, and a video on the use of props that will enhance and personalize your yoga practice. There are guided meditations that will help you set your intention for the course and determine what it is you would like to receive from your yoga practice. Sue Anne & Jim will encourage you to set time aside just for you to work on yourself on and off the yoga mat.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Setting your Intention

Module 2

Access Your Mind Body Connection

Learn all about accessing your body’s wisdom, using the Let It Go Yoga Body Scan – a relaxing and insightful guided meditation. The awareness gained through the Body Scan will bring your physical body into more balance. It will allow your mind to become more present, and that awareness will help you create positive changes in your life.

Sue Anne and Jim have included teachings from the Eight Limbs of Yoga, revealing fascinating deeper aspects of the ancient yoga philosophy that you can incorporate in your daily life.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Body Scan Questionnaire

Module 3

It’s All Connected –
Making Changes that Support You

In these fascinating lessons you will discover Let It Go Yoga Personal Integrity Check List – a reminder that everyday occurrences can hold us back or help us move forward. Sue Anne and Jim will continue the talk on Eight Limbs of Yoga, addressing the Niyamas, the observances, a guide for more mindful living. After this lesson you will feel incredibly encouraged to let go of the things that no longer serve you.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Let It Go Yoga Personal Integrity Checklist
• Suggested Reading List

Module 4

Chakras, Pranayama, and Meditations

As we continue to explore Let It Go Yoga, prepare to gain valuable insights as Sue Anne and Jim share a class on Chakras, including a powerful chakra meditation. In this lesson you will learn to connect, release and open to your full potential.
You will enhance your wellbeing and physical health with additional Pranayama techniques (breathing practices).

In this module Sue Anne and Jim will also complete the lessons on the Eight Limbs of Yoga : you will see that breathing, turning your senses inward, concentrating on a single point and meditation are all needed to enter a higher state of awareness!

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Chakra chart
• Eight Limbs of Yoga

Module 5

Finding More Love in Your Life… Starting with Yourself

Sue Anne and Jim will share their most valuable tool for obtaining vibrant health, meaningful experiences and rich relationships – the Let It Go Yoga Love Letter! This love letter is not a romantic letter, however it is a powerful way to love yourself and get clear about what you want and need in a relationship and in life. You will be encouraged to use positive affirmations to create a life that honors your true self.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• How to write the Let It Go Yoga Love Letter
• 25 Ways to Love Yourself

Module 6

Let It Go Yoga –
The Gift That Lasts a Lifetime

In this final lesson Sue Anne and Jim revisit lessons learned in the body scan and how to incorporate the information for positive change. You will receive a beautiful glossary of terms in Sanskrit – the magical ancient language of yoga. You’ll be invited to take part in an empowering closing meditation – acknowledging yourself and gaining insights into the next steps that are right for you. You will be able to review these online classes and revisit the information as many times as you would like. The valuable benefit that you are about to receive from Let It Go Yoga is a gift to yourself that lasts a lifetime.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Sanskrit Glossary

We Know Let It Go Yoga Will Work For You


We Guarantee It!

How your guarantee works. Enroll now and join us for the first 3 weeks. You must do all the course work for these lessons and if you find the course isn’t helping you, we’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 3 weeks of purchasing the course.

This Course Is Right For You If…

• You are ready to make positive changes.

• You are ready to move forward and let go of the past.

• You are looking for a transformational yoga practice.

• Willing to take a deeper look at yourself.

• Have stress in your daily life.

• Need to take time for yourself.

• You are ready to let go of your nagging aches and pains.

• You are ready to let go of thoughts & beliefs that no longer serve you.

Here’s What Some Our Let It Go Yoga Students Have to Say:

“Let It Go Yoga helps to not only stretch your body, but it also resets your mind. At some point, while you are progressing through the movements, you realize you really are letting go of tension. It’s been so helpful to us to have a practice that you can rely on to bring you back home, to balance your body and to consciously & intentionally Let It Go.”

Zach Gill

Music artist, ALO and Jack Johnson’s band

Jessica Scheeter

Executive director, Johnson Ohana Charitable Foundation

“I found this Course to be such a pleasure,
reminding me of eternal principles and how I could apply them to daily life.

The Course is very accessible and user-friendly, taken at a gradual pace, with each week building upon the one before – and when you’re finished, you have the class recording to keep and play whenever you want! By then, you will be familiar with it, and love it.

The downloads and resources are such great tools and guides for living.
I appreciate Sue Anne and Jim’s expertise so much, with their ability to put all these timeless teachings into accessible and friendly language.

This Course is a hidden gem and I wish for it to reach many people with its transformative message!”

Barbara Hannelore

Founder, Women’s Way Moon Cycles

“The Let It Go Yoga practice has positively impacted my life and body in so many ways. In addition to the benefits it provides to my muscles and joints,  Let it Go Yoga is a meditative and spiritual practice as well.   Practicing  Let It Go Yoga has strengthened my belief in mindfulness.

I introduced Let It Go Yoga to my husband, who is a three-time water polo Olympian.  He was so impressed with the immediate sense of increased mobility and openness it created in his hips that he asked me to get certified to teach it to his collegiate water polo team! Basically if you exercise in any way, you are going to have tighter hip and shoulder muscles.  When you build strength it often compromises flexibility.  Let it Go Yoga helps tip the balance back in your favor. It not only helps increase flexibility and thus prevent injury, it guides you in paying attention to the body, mind and breath. Let is Go Yoga is like an old, wise friend that I can always depend upon to make me feel better. “

Barbara Won and Wolf  Wigo

Yoga Teacher and Water polo player and coach, Three Time Olympian

” I had done yoga before, but it wasn’t until I did Let It Go Yoga  that I really understood what yoga was and what its practice meant in my life. My life changed as a whole, and continues to change everyday. I am grateful for Let It Go Yoga.”

Margarita GdelCampo

Spanish Language Instructor

Here’s a Recap Of Everything You Get in the Introduction to Let It Go Yoga Online Course:

6 Modules of classes delivered over six weeks:

Let It Go Yoga Class taught by Sue Anne & Jim with Alan Roth’s music.

Value $600

Downloadable materials that support your journey:

Value $520

Private Facebook Community with Like Minded Others


Total Value $1120

Regular Tuition $267

For A Limited Time Only

Enroll Now and Save $100

Now $167


Make Three Easy Payments:

$59 Per Month