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Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Online

Are You Ready to Empower Yourself and Others ?

 Are you looking for a fulfilling career that supports your core values?

Do you feel called to help others ease stress and learn to let go of aches and pains?

Would you like to master techniques that empower you and your students as well?

Are you looking to develop the knowledge and skills to help yourself and others on a journey of self care and self discovery?

Join Sue Anne and Jim Parsons

Become a Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher

Sue Anne and Jim are master yoga teachers with over 30 years teaching and training experience. They are credentialed yoga teachers (E-RYT 500) registered with Yoga Alliance at the highest level. Sue Anne is a registered yoga therapist with the International Association of Yoga Therapists. In 1986 Sue Anne opened The Yoga Studio, the first commercial yoga center in Santa Barbara. Since that time they have taught thousands of people the Let It Go Yoga approach. This new Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training Online is your chance to get to know Sue Anne and Jim and receive their invaluable support along the way.

In this Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training Online these master teachers share their signature class – the one that has brought students coming back to class for over 30 years. Let It Go Yoga is a must for a successful yoga teacher, in order to be able to offer a safe, effective and gentle yoga class to a wide variety of students. As the process of letting go is a mind/body experience, Sue Anne and Jim have included their most valuable tools for addressing both – physical and emotional – aspects of letting go.

Why do some yoga practices work better than others?

Some yoga practices are mainly working with the body and never make the mind/body connection.  They do not understand or address that thoughts and emotions play a key part in creating the tension that is then held in the body.

This extraordinary course changes that!

As a Certified Let It Go Yoga teacher you are helping others address multiple ways of letting go on and off the yoga mat. You will discover the connection in all things and help others uncover their own inner guidance.

Over 8 Miraculous Weeks You Will Learn:

 • A yoga practice that will empower you personally.

 • An accessible yoga practice that you can share with a variety of students.

 • A Step by Step guide for how to set up your classes.

 • Meditations for allowing your students to have a deeper experience.

• To individualize the practice finding the most effective ways to help your students.

• Breathing techniques that work to reduce stress.

 • Learn how to use simple props that will enhance your students success.

• Learn effective and gentle hands on instruction.

• How to bring the ancient yoga teaching into transforming every day life.

• To incorporate the 7 Chakras into the practice.

• Participate in invaluable business classes that will ensure your success in teaching yoga.

• How to create community in and outside of the classroom.

• How to teach your own Introduction to Let It Go Yoga course.

• And much more.

The Let It Go Yoga Certification Course Includes:

• Over 50 training videos.

• 8 modules, containing 5-6 classes each, sent to you each week and can be viewed at your convenience.

• Recommendations and downloadable materials to incorporate into your teaching practice.

• Exclusive Let It Go Yoga Certification.

• Private Facebook Group with access to Sue Anne and Jim.

•Weekly assignments that will help you hone your abilities and become a more confident teacher.

• Lifetime Access.

What Makes Let It Go Yoga Teacher Training So Unique?

Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Online allows you to work at your own pace, in the comfort of your home. No need to take time off work or travel to Santa Barbara! Online training saves time and money, and allows you to view your coursework at your convenience. Revisit classes whenever necessary, and avoid the costly fees of travel and lodging.

You can be certified in as little as 8 weeks. Lifetime access to the course guarantees that the Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Online will serve you for years to come. You can refer back to specific lessons, and incorporate the Let It Go Yoga curriculum as you grow your very own yoga business.

Experiential Process:

As you follow our step-by-step formula you will be teaching Let It Go Yoga from the very start.

Letting Go On and Off the Yoga Mat:

As a Let It Go Yoga teacher you must cultivate a strong connection with your students. Sue Anne and Jim share their most valuable tools for building community in and outside the classroom.

Benefits the Student and the Teacher:

Teaching this practice is a gift to others and it also empowers you – the teacher – every time you teach.

Ongoing Support:

 Sue Anne and Jim are here to help you and answer any questions via the private Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training Facebook community. They are invested in your success as a Let It Go Yoga teacher, and are available to help and guide you along the way.

Business and Marketing Your Classes:

With over 30 years of experience Sue Anne and Jim share what’s needed to be successful in marketing and offering your classes to the public.

Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Curriculum Overview

 Sue Anne and Jim have designed this training to take you step-by-step from personally practicing the Let It Go Yoga series to teaching classes of your own. These master teachers will demonstrate how to give safe and effective hands on adjustments and share their best mind/body tools for supporting a wide variety of students. You will learn to modify the practice to each individual, so that you can teach  students with a variety of abilities in the same class setting. From start to finish, the Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Online gives you the tools to build a profitable business and foster a loyal following. Students come back to this class for years! They enjoy the benefits of the practice,  as well as the sense of community that develops within the group.

Module 1

Laying the Groundwork and Getting Started

In the first module you will experience the Let It Go Yoga practice. Sue Anne and Jim will guide you step-by-step through the postures, and your experience will be enhanced by Alan Roth’s beautiful Japanese Shakuhachi Flute music. Within this module you will also receive the best tips for practicing Let It Go Yoga.  You will learn the use of props that will enhance and personalize your own yoga practice as well as allow you to address the diverse needs of your students. You will receive guided meditations that will help you set your intention for the course and determine what it is you would like to receive from your yoga practice as well as from your yoga teaching career.  Sue Anne and Jim will encourage you to set time aside just for you to work on yourself. They know that the best way to learn to teach is to start … so, they provide you with a complete Let It Go Yoga script that you can use to begin to practice teaching.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Setting your Intention
• Code of Ethics
• Body Map and Personal History
• Let It Go Yoga Script

Module 2

Access the Mind/Body Connection for Yourself and Others

Learn all about accessing your body’s wisdom, using the Let It Go Yoga Body Scan – a relaxing and insightful guided meditation.  This powerful tool is one you will use often in your classes as it teaches you a formula for taking your students on an inward journey of self- awareness. It includes a class on Active Listening –  to help you really listen and be there for others in a way that will help them recognize their inner wisdom and create positive changes in their lives.

Sue Anne and Jim have included a class on each of the the Eight Limbs of Yoga, revealing the fascinating deeper aspects of the ancient yoga philosophy that you can incorporate in your classes, giving more meaning and value to your students’ experience. This module introduces the first limb of yoga, the Yamas (observances).
Learn valuable tips for teaching that will help you create community, get to know your students and serve your students on many levels.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

•Body Scan
•Body Scan Questionnaire
•Eight Limbs of Yoga Overview

Module 3

Letting Go On and Off the Yoga Mat

In these fascinating lessons you will discover Let It Go Yoga Personal Integrity Check List – a reminder that everyday occurrences can hold us back or help us move forward.  Your students will be amazed as they uncover all the ways that you can help them to let it go!
Sue Anne and Jim will continue the talk on Eight Limbs of Yoga, addressing the Niyamas, the observances, a guide for more mindful living.  After this lesson your students will feel incredibly encouraged to let go of the things that no longer serve them.

In this module you will begin to break each yoga pose down.  From here on each week you will receive an in-depth look at three of the Let It Go Yoga postures. Each pose will come with instructions for hands on adjustments and the detailed description of benefits and contraindications of the pose.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

•Let It Go Yoga Personal Integrity Checklist

• Suggested Reading List

Module 4

Ancient Teachings for Modern Living

As we continue to explore the Let It Go Yoga approach,  prepare to gain valuable insights as Sue Anne and Jim teach a class on Chakras, including a powerful chakra meditation that you can share with your students. You will learn to enhance their well-being and physical health with additional Pranayama techniques (breathing practices).
In this module Sue Anne and Jim will also complete the lessons on the Eight Limbs of Yoga: from Asana through Samadhi.

You will gain the knowledge that not just the yoga poses, but also breathing, turning your senses inward, concentrating on a single point and meditation are all needed to enter a higher state of awareness!
This module explores more of the postures, so that you can can continue to further your skills to help your students.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Chakra chart
• Eight Limbs of Yoga Overview
• 30 Days of Thanks

Module 5

Let It Go Yoga is All About Love

The Let it Go Yoga approach can help your students navigate relationships, release the past, let go of hurt, work on forgiveness… and open to love. The Let It Go Yoga practice helps open the body and Sue Anne and Jim’s Let It Go Yoga Love Letter gives your students a practical tool for letting go of emotions that may need to be addressed. This love letter is not a romantic letter, however it is a powerful way to help your students learn to love themselves and get clear about what they want and need in a relationship and in life.

You also will be encouraged to use positive affirmations in your classes to help others create a life that honors their true self.
As you are learning to teach this practice and share loving positive thoughts you will find your voice as a teacher,  reminding others that sending love and gratitude to yourself is the quickest way to feel better.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• How to write the Let It Go Yoga Love Letter
• 25 Ways to Love Yourself

Module 6

The Business of Let It Go Yoga

From topics like “How to overcome fear?” to “What to charge for your classes?” this course gives you the practical business advice that will get you started and also continue to serve you as your yoga business grows. Drawing on their business background, Sue Anne and Jim share their secrets of establishing a successful, thriving yoga business. If you’d like to teach out of your home or office, in a health club or studio or open a studio of your own Sue Anne and Jim have you covered. In this module they share the who, what, where, when and why – the basic principles of marketing –  and how to apply these techniques when offering Let It Go Yoga.

Also, this module includes a very informative lesson on the Anatomy of the Hips.
The master teachers invite you to explore the magic of Sanskrit with the Sanskrit Glossary, a list of fascinating Sanskrit terms bound to to delight your students.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Sanskrit Glossary

Module 7

Creating Community Inside and Outside the Classroom

In this module you will learn that community needs to be created not only in the classroom but also by connecting with others through marketing, such as email, Facebook and other social media platforms. To be a successful teacher you need to wear many hats, and marketing your classes is a priority. Sue Anne and Jim will help you every step of the way as you learn how to create partnerships that serve you and your community.

Understanding how yoga affects the body is also an important part of teaching. Learn how Let It Go Yoga affects the Ten Systems of the Body with an in-depth look at the Nervous System.
You will be finishing this module with the adjustments for the entire class and will be able to teach the class from start to finish, including an opening mediation, the 26 poses, hands on adjustments, a final relaxation, a closing meditation, and how to end your class on a positive note that will keep your students coming back for more!

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Ten Systems

Module 8

The Let It Go Yoga Certification

In this final lesson Sue Anne and Jim will show you how to put all that you have learned together, so that you can offer your own “Introduction to Let It Go Yoga – 3 Week Course”. This class is a step-by-step outline that will allow you to offer a three week Let It Go Yoga workshop that has proven to keep bringing in new students on an ongoing basis. It’s a fun way to share all of the great ways to Let It Go on and off the yoga mat, and your students will have a deeper understanding of the power of their yoga practice.

In just eight weeks you can be a Certified Let It Go Yoga teacher and join our hundreds of graduates from around the world! You will have the knowledge to teach your own Introduction to Let It Go Yoga course, offer Let It Go Yoga classes to niche audiences, offer Let It Go Yoga classes in your community, teach Let It Go Yoga from your home studio and offer Let It Go Yoga retreats. You will have an accessible and sustainable class that you can offer to a wide variety of students of all ages and levels of fitness.
Mainly, you will have a class that students will benefit from and enjoy right from the start, giving you a financially rewarding career as a Let It Go Yoga teacher.

Bonus downloadable materials include:

• Introduction to Let It Go Yoga  3 Week Course Outline

What Our Teachers Have To Say

Enroll Now and Receive the Special Bonus

“ Let It Go Yoga for Pregnancy ”

This is an invaluable training for teachers to be able to offer the Let It Go Yoga approach to pregnant women. This video shows you how to modify the poses for a safe and effective yoga practice that your new moms will love. The letting go approach will help in labor and delivery as well as when adjusting to the new role as parents.

You’re Protected with the Let It Go Yoga
Satisfaction Guarantee

How your guarantee works. Enroll now and join us for the first 3 weeks. You must do all the course work for these lessons and if you find the course isn’t helping you, we’ll be happy to refund your tuition. Please note that refund requests must be submitted within 3 weeks of purchasing the course.

This Course is Right For You If:

• You are feeling called to help others.

• Would like to teach a gentle, sustainable practice.

• You are looking for a financially rewarding career that you LOVE.

• You care deeply and would like to help  empower others.

• You are new to teaching, or a seasoned yoga teacher, looking to offer a new approach.

• You would like to share a deeper experience than just physical exercise.

•  You want to make a difference in the world.

Here’s a Recap of Everything You Get in the Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training Online:

Let It Go Yoga Class taught by Sue Anne & Jim with Alan Roth’s music. Value $600

Your 8 Modules of classes – over 50 video trainings in all. Value $1040

Your Meditation Library. Value $95

Downloadable materials that support your journey.

Value $520

Business, Marketing and Advertising. Value $1250

Special Bonus: Let It Go Yoga for Pregnancy. Value $585

Private Facebook Community with Like Minded Others:


Let It Go Yoga Certification:


Total Value: $4,090

Your Let It Go Yoga Certification Investment:

Regular Tuition:


For a Limited Time Only

Save $300

 Tuition $997

Enroll Now and Save $300
Now $997

OR make 12 easy payments
$97 per month

Here’s a Word From Some Of Our Teachers

“Highly Recommended! You learn not only about yoga and everything you need to be a teacher but more importantly – you learn about yourself. The energy of the group was outstanding. I always felt revitalized after. I especially appreciate the gentle guidance of our teachers.”

Eric Kirsch

“Sue Anne and Jim Parsons Let It Go yoga teacher training courses are comprehensive, focused and well organized, I learned so much. They are wonderful teachers.”

Marcia Meier

“Sue Anne and Jim provide a safe, nurturing atmosphere for learning the basics of teaching Let It Go Yoga. Historical foundations, physical practice and understanding, practical teaching with important safety considerations with adjustments combine to make this an incredibly worth while investment of time and energy. That will pay off whether you share it as a teacher or use it to enjoy a deeper personal practice.”

Nancy Roman

“This has been a journey. I came into this training knowing plenty about postures and union and healing but this really opened my eyes to the emotional upwelling that cleaning up your life through yoga philosophy can trigger. It also opened me up to other peoples experiences, struggles and gains though yoga. I loved the personal connections, the confidence I found, the pace and the hands on adjustments.”

Kiran Aulakh

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?
You will receive your first lesson upon enrolling.

Can I take this course at my own pace?
Yes! While lessons are set up to be delivered weekly, you do not need to follow this timeline. You can absolutely follow the course at your own speed. Do what is best for you and your schedule.

Can I get help if I need it ?
You can always post questions for Sue Anne and Jim on the private course Facebook page.

I am not a professional yoga teacher. Is this course right for me?
Yes! People from all backgrounds have gone through the training and are now teaching.

What are the certification requirements?
To be certified, you must complete all lessons, quizzes and homework and send a 10 minute video of your teaching for review.

Do I have to be super flexible to be a teacher?
No, a good teacher needs to be able to work with varying degrees of flexibility (including their own). Sue Anne and Jim have found that the most compassionate teachers often have some difficulty with aspects of their own yoga practice. They teach modifications for all poses and encourage people of all levels to participate. Yoga is noncompetitive and Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training is appropriate for every level, from the beginner to advanced.

How much yoga experience do I need?

People who have never done yoga before have successfully completed our training and are now teaching. We will start with the basics and build on a solid foundation. We supply you with the materials you need to learn the Let It Go Yoga class right from the start. You will have plenty of time to practice with others, giving you the confidence to teach.

Will I get work upon completion?
Yes! With a rapidly growing base of students, the demand for skilled instructors is at its highest point ever. As a yoga teacher you may choose to work at an established center or set up your own classes or studio. 
Additionally, many of our graduates work as employees in health clubs, local YMCA’s, City Park and Recreation programs, hotels, hospitals, colleges and universities.

What will I earn as a yoga teacher?
Our Let It Go Yoga certified teachers make $25 to $300 (and up) per class, depending on your location. Health Clubs in our area pay $20 to $35 per class to start and usually offer a complementary membership. Private yoga sessions run $75 to $175 an hour (and up). Offering speciality classes, workshops and seminars are great ways to supplement your income.

Need more help?
We’re here to help you make the best choice for you!

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