Letting Go Challenge of the month! Clutter!

Letting Go of Clutter

Years ago when I first started teaching yoga I went to a finance class to learn how to be successful in my yoga business.
On the first day we were assigned a buddy (the person sitting on your right) and were told that for the next four weeks we would support each other and go through a list of ways to improve our finances. On that list were tasks like “clean out your car” and “clean up your office space”.
The class started to moan and groan at the daunting tasks on the list. One lady was actually crying at the thought of cleaning out her garage. This list was definitely pushing buttons. The one that got me going was to “balance my checkbook”. I stood up to confront the teacher and with pride said that I had not balanced my checkbook in years, yet I had never bounced a check and pretty much knew what I had in the bank. His reply hit me hard, “if you balance your checkbook, then something else in your life will become more balanced…it’s all connected!” I recognized those words because that was exactly what I would tell my students as we practiced balance poses in my yoga class. It’s all connected, even the checkbook!
That clean up list changed my life. As I cleaned my car, my living space, my communications, my bills, etc. my life got better. My finances improved and three months later I opened the first yoga studio in Santa Barbara!!

Here are some tips to make it a little easier: Make a plan, start small, do the easy ones first and check things off as you go. Give yourself a realistic time frame. Ask for some help.

Here are 4 additional tasks from the list.

  1. Go through your closets and drawers and let go of things you no longer need or love.
  2. Replace or repair anything that is broken or that no longer works.
  3. Organize your personal or business files.
  4. Pay your bills or set up accounts that will do that automatically.

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