The Importance of a Personal Practice…

The true gains in yoga are found in a personal practice. If you really want to accelerate your progress – try taking what you learn in class home with you. At home you are your own teacher and you must trust yourself to find out what works for you.

Every day is different, progress at your own pace, not comparing yourself to others or to past performance. Approaching postures as a goal makes you less sensitive to your inner guide.

Yoga involves more than having or developing flexibility. Being able to perform complicated poses doesn’t necessarily mean you know how to do yoga. The essence of yoga is not attainment, but how aware you are of whatever limitations you may have. It’s natural to enjoy progress, but dangerous if we allow ourselves to get into the end result. Be content with the daily process of moving your energy and allowing the body to open as it’s ready.

Personal practice is an opportunity to love and honor your body, as a tool for self-discovery. Go inside and listen, there’s a inner teacher waiting to be discovered!


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