If You Can Lie Down… You Can Let It Go!

Let It Go Yoga is a unique style of yoga that enhances relaxation while increasing flexibility because it is practiced lying down! Let It Go Yoga allows gravity to work with you to ease out pain and stress.

Let It Go Yoga is a time for you to nurture and care for yourself, to let go of the events of your day and give your body the attention it needs. A time to let go of aches and pains as well as beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you. Anyone who can lie down can learn this healing practice as YOU decide your individual needs in each pose. Let It Go Yoga gives you time to close your eyes, go inside, take care and love yourself.


Let It Go Yoga At Home!

Coming soon:

Introduction to Let It Go Yoga and Let It Go Yoga Certified Teacher Training Online Training
with Sue Anne and Jim Parsons are coming soon.

Introduction To Let It Go Yoga is an 6 week course giving you the fundamentals of a personal practice that will benefit you on and off the mat. This home practice will give you an individualized system combining gentle stretches, deep breathing and mindful meditation.

AND if you are ready to help other people, make a difference and be financially rewarded doing so, we are sharing our 30 years of teaching and business experience in  our Let It Go Yoga Certified Teachers Training. We look forward to giving our online students the support and knowledge to teach this life changing practice to others.

With our online training courses you can practice at your convenience. With our step by step guidance, learn to help yourself and others use the fundamentals of Let It Go Yoga both on and off the yoga mat.

Beta Testers Needed:

We are in need of Beta Testers that will be the first to take these courses. In exchange for your feedback you can be the first to experience Let It Go Yoga Online!   Click Here To Learn More