If you can lie down… you can Let It Go!

Let It Go Yoga is a unique style of yoga that enhances relaxation while increasing flexibility because it is practiced lying down! Let It Go Yoga allows gravity to work with you to ease out pain and stress. Gentle stretches combined with deep breathing and mindful meditation will give you a new outlook on life.

This style of yoga is accessible to all ages and fitness levels and addresses your individual needs.

We Offer:

Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Weekly Yoga Classes

Our Let It Go Yoga Certified Yoga Teacher Training is nationally registered with the Yoga Alliance.

The Let It Go Yoga studio is a small and friendly environment where we can give individualized attention to each student. Classes are limited to 8. Before visiting our studio it is best to give us a call at 805-685-8079 for more information. Whether you have never done yoga before or are a seasoned yoga practitioner, Sue Anne and Jim Parsons invite you to visit Let It Go Yoga.