Just Let It Go…

You’ve all heard you need to learn how to slow down, relax and surrender. To go inside and listen to your body and the signals it sends you. To get out of your head (the intellect) and just be. Be in the present moment. But how?

These were just words for me until I found that Let It Go Yoga is the best tool for experiencing this. Both Jim and I feel that you could miss out on the essence of yoga if you are not complementing your current practice with one of surrender.  Let It Go Yoga gives you time in each posture to let the body open on its own, like peeling the layers off an onion, every time you do the practice you continue to go deeper. Deeper into your yoga, deeper into yourself.

When your practice is a routine it allows you to become familiar with the sequence. Allowing you to get comfortable, not think about it, to close your eyes, not to compare or judge, and get out of your head. Using the breath as a focus the practice becomes a meditation. Amazing things happen.

I have practiced and taught this series for over 30 years, and feel that if I had to pick one style, this would be it. This practice is something that can be done every day, no matter how much energy you have that day.

Allow the yoga itself and your body to be the teacher. Just show up, put your body on the floor, go inside and watch what happens.

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