How to Write a Let It Go Yoga Love Letter!

When practicing Let It Go Yoga you may find that a variety of emotions begin to surface. There may be times when your practice brings up great joy, peace and love. Other times you may experience sadness, frustration and anger. Your emotions may come and go during your yoga practice and in some postures you may find that tension triggers memories and brings stored emotions up to the surface for you to acknowledge and release. 
It’s surprising when this happens but it is perfectly normal to experience an array of emotions while practicing yoga – before, during and after, on and off the yoga mat. Feelings are part of life and becoming aware of your feelings and learning from them can be an enlightened part of your yoga journey as well.
Sometimes in my Let It Go Yoga practice, as soon as I begin to relax and breathe deeply, some thoughts, issues, or memories come bubbling up and I feel anger or sadness and sometimes I start to cry. When this happens, I know that I need to allow myself the time to process my emotions. To allow myself to feel. It is an opportunity to find out what is bugging me on a deeper level. I have learned to trust my body, to be willing to take a look at situations in my life, past and present, and identify what is causing me emotional pain. I have learned that my aches, pains and tensions are my body messengers, trying to communicate with me.
I know it is time for me to write a “Love Letter”. I need to vent my feelings in a safe way and put my thoughts on paper in order to let it go. The Let It Go Yoga Love Letter is not a romantic letter but it is a great way to love yourself and get clear about what you want and need in a situation.
You can write a love letter to anyone or anything – anytime you would like to experience more love…you can even write one to yourself! 
The Love Letter is a step-by-step formula that helps you to take a look at and learn from your emotions. With  the help of the Love Letter you can address some of the more difficult ones: anger and blame, hurt and sadness, fear, insecurity, frustrations, guilt, responsibility, intention and, ultimately, forgiveness, compassion and love.  Writing the Love Letter is about working through your feelings so that you can get to the love. 
It takes a little time and willingness on your part to sit down and write a letter. But it doesn’t have to be perfect, you write for yourself, no one ever needs to read it.  It doesn’t have to be spelled right, it doesn’t even have to make any sense. It’s not about delivering the letter, it’s about the process. If you are willing to spend the time with yourself addressing your emotions, figuring out what it is you need and want in a situation, you will be amazed at how much better you will feel. Coming into an awareness of forgiveness and understanding will begin to lift the negative energy and tension held in your body. 
You will feel lighter and more flexible as you let go and allow love to come in. It is a healthy way to let go of negative emotions, release stored up tension. It will help you to get clear and step into a more loving space.
 If you want to feel better – write a Let It Go Yoga Love Letter!

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