Yellow – The Color of The Third Chakra

I asked my Wednesday class yoga kids – aged 2 – 4 – what came to mind when they thought of something yellow. These were their answers: bananas, sunshine, hope, mangoes, Spring, smiley faces, Sponge Bob, sunflowers and grass (I had to smile about this one, but oh, well, we are in California in the midst of very hot and very dry weather and the grass here right now is… well… yes… yellow!)! And what comes to your mind when you think of yellow? Egg yolks? Post it notes? Canaries? Bees? Lemons? Warning signs? Police tape (“do not cross”)? Daffodils? The Tour de France Winner’s jersey? Yellow is the most visible color of the spectrum and stands for freshness, happiness, clarity, energy, optimism, loyalty, intellect and honor; it can also represent cowardice and deceit in some cultures, and, no matter what it represents, it definitely captures our attention. It is said that our peripheral vision is 2.5 times higher for yellow than for red! That might explain why the emergency rescue vehicles and cautionary signs are yellow. Yellow is also the color of the Third Chakra – The Solar Plexus Chakra – known as Manipura (which means “lustrous gem” in translation from Sanskrit) Chakra.

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The Third Chakra is located in your abdomen above the belly button and it represents confidence and a sense of self-worth. It is about being unique, being an individual while celebrating the connectedness with all the humanity. When this chakra is working well, you feel powerful and can accomplish many things. When this chakra’s functioning is jeopardized, you may feel unmotivated, stuck and struggling with self-esteem.

Here are some ideas to honor the Solar Plexus Chakra: dance (try dancing outside!), drink herbal teas, eat yellow foods, add yellow gems to your wardrobe (including yellow topaz, golden yellow labradorite, and tiger-eye stones), pick yellow sea shells and yellow rocks on the beach, encourage yourself to do something outside of your comfort zone, be daring with your choices – add some yellow accents not just to your clothes but also to your home and workplace. Here are some affirmations for you to consider, and, as usual, I invite you to come up with some of your very own as well: “I am worthy”, “I am powerful”, “I am motivated”, “I am positive”, “I am fair”, “I am peaceful”, “I can/am motivated to get things done”, “I am free from the power struggles”, “I release the need to control everything”, “I release judgement of myself and others”, “I am deserving”, “I can make my voice heard”, “I am confident”, “I honor my inner peace”… As for Let It Go Yoga poses, working the core muscles in spinal twists, as well as lowering your legs with control in a slow way is bound to honor this powerful Third Chakra. And resting in Savasana, at the end of the Let It Go Yoga class, allows you to access that place of worthiness, confidence and self-esteem in yourself, and then get up and face the world with healthy boundaries and use your power for good. And now and then… think of “yellow” – bees, sunflowers, dandelions, daffodils, sunshine, bananas… and yes, what else comes to mind?

Contributed by Indra Strong, A certified Let It Go Yoga Instructor

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  1. Nancy Roman November 2, 2017 at 2:40 pm - Reply

    Thank you for this, Indra. I’m taking this in, in addition to and on top of, the impact of your last-month’s post; I was noticing orange, and musing on its significance wherever it showed up to me, after reading that one.

  2. Emily Lawson November 5, 2017 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Yes, yellow is really shining through for me lately 🙂 To me Yellow symbolizes joy and being free from judgment. Thanks

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