Avocado Chocolate Pudding

Avocado Chocolate Pudding
“Avocados taste like something in between a good potato and a dream… “, was my
explanation to my friends who had never tasted one.
I was brought up in a (forcibly) secluded and cold country where one could not find a
word “avocado” in the vocabulary of the locals. Mind you the avocado itself. I first
tasted one when I was already an adult. And, as I said, it tasted dreamy! And it was
love at first sight! I mean – love at first taste!

So, I do love them, love them, love them all – in all sorts of shapes and sizes, prepared
in all sorts of dishes and also just “straight” … with a spoon! But somehow I had not
managed to spread that love to my middle son even here in CA – the avocado paradise!
Even though I knew a lot about the health benefits of this most nutritious food, I knew
even more about my son’s stubbornness, (yes, some things are genetic, tell me about it
– I know!). As a result, I resigned to not try to force feed him the avocados. On many
occasions, when encouraged to try new foods (ANY new foods, for that mater!), he
would say to me: “My taste buds will grow up one day, Mom, and I will eat it all… then!”
So, I just had to trust that, hopefully, one day his taste buds would be “grown up
enough” to appreciate the avocados, too.

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But then… I stumbled upon this vague recipe of the chocolate avocado pudding … and
after having made it a couple of times, I can now proudly announce that my middle one
does eat avocados. The recipe was not a real recipe though – it did not contain any
measurements or real instructions, it was more of “an inspirational literature piece”.
Having prepared it, I get “why”… as the measurements really depend on your personal
preferences. So, here below are the main ingredients and the approximate
measurements of what I used, but… good luck with improvisation – mix and taste, and
see, as adding a bit more maple syrup or a bit less cocoa powder, or a tad more almond
milk can change the consistency (considerably) , and therefore …the sweetness of the
pudding (oh, and I used a hand held mixer, mixing all the ingredients up in a big jar – it
made it easy to clean up!). I served it with some berries.

My son tried to guess the ingredients of this chocolate pudding. After not being able to
figure out immediately ALL of them (apart from the obvious ones – chocolate and…
more chocolate), he noted that it tasted “dreamy”. Well, didn’t I say that avocados taste
like a dream? (And yes, some things are genetic, I know.)
So, here is our Avocado Chocolate Pudding:
Avocados (I used 3 medium ones)
Melted chocolate (a bit more than 1/3 of a cup or so)
Cocoa powder (3 tbsp or so)
Almond milk (1/3 of a cup, for sure)
Sea salt (a good pinch, as it works well to balance out the cocoa and chocolate)
Maple syrup (1/3 of a cup or so, I ended up adding a bit more)
Vanilla extract ( a few drops or so)

Photo and Article Contributed by Indra Strong

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