Deep Purple is the Color of the Crown Chakra

Deep purple or white (and sometimes gold) are the colors associated with the 7th Chakra – the Crown Chakra. Even though (through our Chakra write ups during the past 6 months) we have “worked our way up to the top” – the 7th Chakra, it is not a destination or a conclusion, or the end, but rather a continuous unfolding of new experiences.

The Sanskrit name “Sahasrara” is translated as “Thousand petals” (meaning: thousandfold). The Crown Chakra furthers the work we did on the Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakras – communication and interconnectedness with all things and all knowledge. Sahasrara is not bound by previous patterns or thoughts.

I wonder… have you’ve ever marveled at the crown – garden – circle like formation around the Moon at night? It is almost a rainbow… but more transparent and clear. (And yes, yes, yes – we know that the refraction of Moonlight (which, of course, is reflected sunlight!) from ice crystals in the upper atmosphere is what allows the ring around the Moon to be formed… but it is still magical and breathtakingly unique…) That magical circle is how I imagine our Crown Chakra – a circular garden of light (and love) around and above our heads. And then I imagine that deep purple, glistening light entering into us through our Crown Chakra and allowing us to experience awareness of being one with everything, allowing us to become part of a more expansive and all-encompassing Whole.

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Practicing silence and meditations, yoga and mindfulness are all tools to brighten our chances for a spiritual connection and enhanced self awareness. They are all “tools of the 7th Chakra”. They are tools that will bring us closer to clarity of perception and self-understanding, and closer to every being on the planet and ultimately… to the divine energy that creates all life forms and things in the universe.

Here are some affirmations to use to honor the Crown Chakra: “I am open to the divine wisdom”; “I am part of the divine”; “I cherish my spirit”; “I trust my intuition”; “I am open to letting go of my attachments”; “I honor the divine in me”; “I seek to nourish my spirit”; “I am at peace”; “My life is filled with grace”; “I love and accept myself”; “I am grateful for the goodness in my life”… keep going – form your own affirmations!

The key crystals for the Crown Chakra are: clear quartz (a wonderful “all purpose” crystal to amplify, focus and transform energy, while balancing and harmonizing any chakra), amethyst (believed to open and activate Crown Chakra and balance the physical and emotional energies) and diamond (in Italian “amante di Dio” means ”lover of God”; this crystal is said to stimulate the spirituality, and is the symbol of perfection; its brilliance is also believed to keep the negativity at bay!).
And during the Let It Go Yoga practice you can connect fully with your Crown Chakra in the final relaxation – Savasana. Imagine white or golden light coming into your Crown chakra, then gradually bathe your whole body in it. Breathe in the light (and the same air that has been around on this precious Planet for many thousands of years, filled with Sunlight and Rainbows, Moonlight and Stardust…) and then breathe out… a part of you… becoming part of everybody and everything else on this Planet…
And so on… thousandfold…

Contributed by Indra Strong, A certified Let It Go Yoga Instructor teaching in Santa Barbara, CA.

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