Let’s Get Rolling

As a mom helping to raise 5 kids, I know all about eye rolling! Actually, I was pretty good at it way before my children were born and I have taught them all how to do it very well indeed.
I have made many a friend in a yoga class by rolling my eyes with another student as we were asked to practice a seemingly impossible pose!
Eye rolling is even in the news lately with Anderson Cooper’s classic eye roll as he interviewed Kelly Conway.
Who knew all of this eye rolling was actually good for you!

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Well, if you sometimes feel that your eyes are strained from spending too much time on the computer or looking at your phone, rolling the eyes, as shown below, can help.

It’s a yogic tradition to exercise the eyes. Practicing these exercises are known to help alleviate various conditions of the eyes, such as myopia (nearsightedness) and hypermetropia (farsightedness). They can strengthen the eye muscles and help improve vision.

We have practiced these methods in our family and have found them helpful for the relief from eye strain.

We are believers, but take a little time and try it for yourself. When you practice the sequence below, sit up tall with your spine and head straight. Be sure to practice with a meditative mind. No judgements with your eye rolls, please.

Contributed by Sue Anne Parsons

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