Looking for Balance?

Many of our students come to class asking for balance. Yoga definitely helps to balance the mind and the body. The deep diaphragmatic breathing brings it all into alignment and we feel better, more centered, more able to balance the many facets of our lives.
But have you ever asked yourself what pulls you out of balance? This is a good question to ponder. For me, reading the newspaper is so upsetting lately that it is better for me to find my information in more manageable doses. I need to watch that I am not bombarded by negativity, knocking me off center and distracting me from the positive aspects of my life.
Here’s a few areas that I have been exploring, looking for ways that I allow myself to be drawn out of balance. Join me and take a look at places in your own life to see where you can bring yourself back to balance.

1. How do you react to television? Some folks leave it on for company but the negative news, the violent shows and even the commercials are filled with fear. All this can influence your thoughts, drawing you into negative thinking.

2. Where do you get your news? Newspaper, TV, the web, Facebook? All can be sources of stress that add unnecessary fear and worry in your life. For some, this is not a problem, but if you find yourself getting obsessed with negativity, it is sure to take you out of balance. Take a break and see if you feel better.

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3. Do you know what foods or drink upset your alignment? Places to check are: sugar, caffeine, gluten, dairy, alcohol, etc. If you suspect a food or drink is not serving you well, eliminate that food for a few days and see if you start to feel better. Also, pay attention when you add it back to see if your body reacts in any way. Remember to eliminate one food at a time, too often I say I am giving it all up and then never really know what is effecting me negatively.

4. Are you getting enough sleep? Do you give yourself ample uninterrupted sleep? We all need it. If you have trouble sleeping try a few of these to see if it helps: Hot baths with Epson Salts, aromatherapy, meditation, deep breathing all can be great ways to lull yourself to sleep.

5. What do you do for fun and creativity? Dancing, singing, creating art, writing in your journal.
Make time for yourself to do something new and different that is fun to do and that keeps your mind engaged.

6. Do you have friends or family that knock you off balance? Some of the best lessons in life are taught to us by the most irritating people! If you find yourself in a relationship that is not respectful of who you are and not in alignment with your core values, choose yourself and spend less time with those folks or better yet, express your needs in a loving way so that you can feel good about your interactions. Many times people will give you what you need if you ask.

7. Practice yoga!  Yoga is all about balance. The more you come into balance and alignment with yourself the more life will support you and unfold in ways you cannot even imagine!!


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