My First Let It Go Yoga Class by Aidan Strong

It was “super early” in the morning, I could barely open my eyes as I never wake up as this time –  7:30 AM – … on a summer day…  I dragged my feet as I got ready to go to a Let It Go  yoga class with my brother Sean who was home from college and eagerly wanted to do it – and I wanted to join him. Eagerly.  I put on some running gear and ate my breakfast with an energy drained attitude. When we arrived at the studio I was pleasantly surprised by the community in the class, and as the class went on I gradually felt more relaxed. I realized that my negative thoughts about AP Test Scores and CC classes were leaving my mind. The hardest thing about the class wasn’t giving my all to the class, it was keeping my foot up during the poses, because it, too, wanted to relax! Afterwards when we were given tea, sitting in a friendly circle,  I felt my shoulders sink down and truly relax… and I realized that everything will be and is fine. I  walked out of the class seeing everything slightly differently than before. I talked with my brother about how I was able to relax and let my worries go, and how at the end I barely wanted to get up and get on with my day because of the serenity and peace in me. I did not know that yoga can help me with that. It did though. Now I am  looking forward to more classes and being relaxed and letting everything else go. So, thank you Sean, for the idea and inspiration, and thank you, Let It Go  yoga and Sue Anne, for teaching me some new tools  in letting go. These tools have helped me deal with stressful finals, insane homework loads, and days filled with stress and work. Next time I will definitely be going to class on my own accord, and on my own will! Or I might even start to practice Let It Go yoga on my own.

Aidan Strong is a high school sophomore and a first time contributor to the Let It Go Yoga blog page. His mom, Indra, is a fellow Let It Go Yoga certified teacher, currently teaching preschool yoga at “My Special School” in Santa Barbara.

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