Yin-Yang Salad

Here’s a simple recipe that is quite a hit at parties! Placing the beets and carrots in the shape of the Yin-Yang is a fun reminder of the union of opposites!

In Chinese Philosophy, Yin-Yang demonstrates that the two equal sides come together to complete the whole. It is taught that they are complimentary, not opposing forces that interact to form a union. Yoga Philosophy also teaches about duality. The word yoga itself translates to union. And  the meaning of Hatha Yoga (Ha = Sun and Tha = Moon) therefore is the union of opposites.
Some more examples of Yin-Yang are: Light-Dark, Fire-Water, Positive-Negative. Both are needed for balance.


Yin-Yang Salad

Grate equal amounts of raw organic beets and carrots. I use 5-6 carrots and 2-3 beets.
When forming into the Yin-Yang symbol be sure to leave some out for the dollop on the opposite side.
Add a dressing of your choice. I use a light lemon dressing that does not change the color of the carrots.


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