What Is That Pain In the Neck Trying to Tell You?

Is your body trying to talk to you through aches and pains? Are you feeling tight from too much stress or are experiencing a roller coaster of emotions? Having neck and shoulder pain? Back pain? Maybe your body is trying to signal you to take a look at the situations that cause you stress. There is an innate wisdom right inside of you! Your body knows what you need. Have you ever stopped and asked your body what it is you need to know or be?

There are many theories that your body remembers everything that has ever happened to you. Cellular memories that are held in various “holding places” may go unnoticed but can affect our lives in dramatic ways. I began to understand more about this as I practiced Let It Go Yoga and on occasion I would feel emotions of sadness, anger, fear and on the bright side would access great joy, peace and happiness.
As a teacher I found I was not alone in experiencing this phenomenon. My students would be practicing Let It Go Yoga and have emotional release. It was amazing to me to have a group of people laying side by side, and some experiencing joy and laughter, and others allowing the tears to pour, and still others seemed not to be affected, except for the physical challenge of the pose.

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In exploring yoga more and discovering the studies done on the mind-body connection, I began to realize that there was indeed a connection between the tightness in my body and the past experiences that lead me to have certain beliefs.

Over the years I have continued to work with my body aches and pains. It has been proven to me many times that my body is giving a signal that something in my life needs my attention. If I have a pain in my neck, I look at my thoughts and honestly evaluate situations to see what may be causing me to become irritated or upset. Many times this realization has helped me address a stressful situation and the aches and pains in my body “mysteriously” disappear.

We have found that this is true for many others as well. Our students would report back that even chronic aches and pains dissolved as they took a closer look at their lives and worked on fixing things that caused them stress. We have had students who were in physical pain and realized that they needed to change their jobs or deal with a relationship. Situations in their lives were causing them pain, both emotionally and physically. And once these problems were addressed, they began to feel better.

Let It Go Yoga will give you the yoga practice that adds awareness to your body. and, if you are willing to spend some time off the yoga mat to take an honest look at yourself, your yoga practice can help you transform your life. What if a few simple but relevant changes allowed you to be more flexible and free from pain? Would you do it?

If you answered “yes”, we want to support you. We know that doing this takes some work and honest evaluation on your part but it’s worth it for good emotional and physical health. So, let’s do this together! Our new six week online course gives you the skills and knowledge to work on yourself and get in touch with your mind-body connection.

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