Yoga for Musicians

Not everyone knows that I play trumpet and flugelhorn and also, sing. My teaching and practicing yoga have shown me how each practice compliments the other. Here are some ways that music and yoga compliment each other.
  1. Breathing is very important for both musicians and yogis. Expanding the whole body to inhale and consciously releasing the air with awareness of the diaphragm and whole body are part of both activities. While breathing with awareness calms and centers the mind in yoga, control of the breath upon release is key to a lyrical musical performance for singers and wind instrument players.
  2. Mental focus is part of a mindful yoga practice and also part of the world of music. A musician must keep many elements of the performance within conscious control: the music  notes, keys, rhythm, sequences, flow, as well as listening to the other voices within the piece, and do it all with a calm centered mind. A yogi is moving their body through a series of poses, while breathing and centering the ever chatty brain.
  3. Appreciation: A love of music and of the music being performed conveys a magical feeling in the artist and audience alike. In yoga the practitioner finds peace and beauty within while stretching and expanding their mental outlook.
  4. Discipline: An accomplished musician gets that way through years of dedicated practice. Each practice session is polishing a skill that results in a beautiful musical presentation. By practicing yoga the yogi crafts a body in optimum health, and a mind that is peaceful and calm.
  5. Fun: I love music, hearing it, playing it, singing it and dancing to it. Music is a beautiful part of life! Guess what? I also love yoga. I love what yoga has given me over the years and all the wonderful people found along the way!
Let’s all sing a song of yoga today!
Contributed by Jim Parsons

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